About IKON

PT Ikonsultan Inovatama (IKON)

For more than two decades, PT Ikonsultan Inovatama (IKON) has been trusted by many local and global leading companies to help them reach their business goals. This continuous partnership is proof for IKON’s competency and capability.


Since 2002, IKON has built a strong reputation through its consultants by their experience and knowledge in the financial industry, project management, and information technology. Banks, insurance and financing companies have become IKON’s clients.


However, due to the rapid development of information technology in Indonesia, IKON is extending the services to other fields like telecommunication, construction, and engineering, oil and gas, and also retail.


With the vision of empowering people through humanized technology to make a better Indonesia, and supported by professional teams, IKON has committed to help clients to achieve their vision and objectives.


Gedung Plaza Oleos 5th Floor Unit B-C
Jalan T.B. Simatupang No. 53A
Jakarta 12520
Tel (+62 21) 2985 7330

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