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B2B Fintech/Payment platform

What is M2P?

Founded in 2014 by industry insiders with a passion for all things fintech, M2P has been at the forefront of enabling the future of fintech through cutting-edge APIs, best in technology integration, settlement, and operational support.

The Product : Payment – Lending – Banking


Customer Onboarding & KYC
M2P handle opening of user/bank accounts, customer onboarding, compliance checks, and regulatory requirements, end-to-end. We guarantee industry standard compliance and a frictionless user experience 

Core Banking System
Roll out future-ready, customer-relevant banking services with our holistic core banking system.

We help businesses provide smooth payment experiences to their end customers. Whatever the payment requirement, our solutions can handle it.

Card Issuance Stack
We help organizations and banks issue branded physical and virtual cards. We configure requirements and co-create card programs specifically for your needs.

Core Lending Suite
Extend credit lines to end customers through Buy Now Pay Later and other attractive loaning options.

Easing Digital Commerce
We connect finance, technology, and commerce, with our capabilities like collection tech, payouts, plug-ins for merchants, payment gateway, and more.