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Customer First Cybersecurity

What is UNIKEN?

Uniken is a NYC-based customer-first cybersecurity company that provides an omnichannel security platform, REL-ID, which enables consumers to interact with businesses across all channels.

The Product: REL-ID

With the REL-ID security platform, Uniken brings certainty to your client interactions, helping you build customer experiences that meet the demands of today’s digital consumer. REL-ID enables you to drive fraud to zero by securing the customer journey end-to-end — from devices, applications, and network connections to customer authentication, transaction verification, and digital signing. Fast and frictionless, REL-ID is a mobile-first solution that allows you to create amazing customer experiences across any channel any time, and deliver the always-on, always-instant experience your clients expect.

What platforms does REL-ID support

On the client side, REL-ID software development kit (SDK) currently supports iOS and Android for mobile apps and Windows, OSX, and Linux for our REL-ID desktop product. REL-ID web authentication supports the popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari) on Windows and Mac computers. The core of the REL-ID SDK is built in endian-neutral ANSI-C, making it easily deployable and portable to almost any operating system. Because of the nature of our device-fingerprinting process and endpoint threat detection capabilities, the SDK core is wrapped in a device-specific binary for each operating system.

On the server side, the REL-ID components are horizontally scalable software appliances that can be deployed on-premises or in your private or public cloud on the major Linux and Windows operating systems.

How does REL-ID integrate with an organization’s existing security tools and infrastructure?

REL-ID was built to provide absolute flexibility for choice around security infrastructure. The REL-ID SDK can be integrated with different authentication toolkits (using OpenID Connect) and can support any FIDO-certified biometric authenticator. The REL-ID gateway can also integrate with identity stores like Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory for authentication.

How easy is it to develop a REL-ID-secured app?

REL-ID has been built from the ground up with developers in mind. App developers can take the device-aware REL-ID SDK and easily embed it into any mobile or desktop application with a common set of API definitions and functions. The REL-ID server APIs provide easy and simple interfaces to integrate your existing identity management and security backend processes.

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