It was great for IKON to be part of the EA Community Indonesia Meetup 2023, The AI Revolution and a New Future of EA hosted by MEGA International on 9 October 2023. Together with more than 30 participants and speakers, we were excited to share valuable insights.

The event started with a welcome from Talgat B., Director of Sales Asia, MEGA International. This was followed by a presentation from Thomas Berlivet, VP Sales & Managing Director APAC, Mega International on “How the AI Revolution Opens Up a New Future for Enterprise Architecture.

The excitement continued with a presentation from our President Director, Munin Widardjo who presented “Empowering Enterprise Architects with Organisations”. He said, in today’s complex and fast-paced business environment, organisations need Enterprise Architects who can provide strategic guidance, drive innovation, and collaborate effectively across departments.

On this occasion, Talgatbek also presented Aqullia’s Hopex Feature.
The highlight of the event was a panel discussion entitled How to Succeed in EA Journey.

See you at the next event.