The Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on for a year now has brought us into a new normal civilization. A civilization that ‘forces’ us and also the entire population in the world to become isolated due to the need for ‘social distancing’.

For example, the learning process in schools that before this time seemed impossible to do online. Even so with the world of work, where meetings that are usually held face-to-face can still be held even from home.

Yes, as a bridge to narrow the distance, digitalization is one of the ways.

Digitalization opens opportunities for companies to transform their business and operations. In general, the transformation is carried out for business continuity and to maintain productivity.

However, the forced digitization process will not create maximum results. Because digitalization should be done in a structured manner in order to provide added value to the company. One of them is the Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach.

Enterprise Architecture can help companies to clearly understand the relationship between business goals, customer experience, the values they want to provide to customers with applications, as well as processes and projects owned by the company.

With the Enterprise Architecture approach, the response to digitalization is not only reactive, but can be structured to provide added value to the company.

  1. Understanding the business objectives being achieved
  2. How to define the strategic roadmap
  3. Redefine how customers are to be achieved
  4. Ensure all products and services delivered deliver the expected value to customers
  5. Prioritize initiatives that add the most value.
  6. Mitigation measures, especially cyber security
  7. Monitoring the performance of our IT portfolio

Tampil sebagai pembicara dalam webinar bertajuk Architecting for Resiliency – Preparing for the New Normal in the Post Covid 19 Era yang diselenggarakan bersama antara Ikonsultan dan Mega International ini adalah Munin Widardjo selaku President Director PT Ikonsultan Inovatama  serta Thomas Berlivet, VP & Manging Director Mega International -Asia Pacific. (*)

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