Para peserta, dan pembicara seminar Ikon dan Oracle “Accelerate Team Collaboration and Connectivity for Successful Construction Projects Delivery”.

Seminar with title “Accelerate Team Collaboration and Connectivity for Successful Construction Projects Delivery” successfully launched by IKON and Oracle. This event raised several topics related to team collaboration, which is now being a major issue in increasingly complex construction industry. IKON as an Oracle Partner in Indonesia presents this event to increase awareness as well as share several tips to solve this issue for project stakeholders.

Challenges in Collaboration

In this seminar, Josh Bartlett – Sales Director of Oracle Construction and Engineering Business Unit explained the true meaning of collaboration in project teams, indicator that a project needs collaboration improvements, challenges that commonly occur in project teams and several strategies to overcome them, especially by using Oracle Aconex.

Oracle Aconex is a project collaboration tool that can be used in end-to-end projects to streamline the communication process, data and documents in projects. Josh Bartlett said that one of the challenges when it comes to collaboration that often occurs in projects is that teams don’t know whether they are referring to the right documents or not. Additionally, sometimes project teams don’t know where they can find the information they need.

These challenges can be minimized by using Oracle Aconex in the project team. By prioritizing easiness and mobility in use as well as security of data and documents in the system, this software was launched to help project stakeholders achieve success.

“Since we have used Oracle Aconex, sending documents and inspection results in our field has become much easier. Things that usually require document courier services, can now be done with one click via our cellphone anywhere and anytime.” – Farid Aziz, Project Control & Services Manager PT Merdeka Mining Services

Oracle Aconex has been implemented by many local and international companies to support project implementation. Alifa Zahra – IKON Project Management Consultant at the seminar stated that the implementation process of Oracle Aconex in the company was very fast because Oracle Aconex already had a system that was ready to be configured.

Fast Implementation

“The process of implementing Oracle Aconex in companies is relatively fast, it is only take around 2 or 3 weeks and most client requirements can be accommodated by Oracle Aconex.” Alifa Zahra

For example, for document registers, Aconex has provided several fields that users must fill in when they want to upload documents into the system. These fields are the best practice fields that are generally needed by companies in the world. However, if fields changes are needed, IKON would be happy to help the company to change several fields according to the company’s needs.

What generally requires a longer time when implementing Oracle Aconex, according to Alifa Zahra, is the migration process, where the client must migrate all data/documents from the old system to the new system. However, Oracle Aconex also has features to speed up this migration process. IKON can also guide company administrators to carry out other necessary setup if necessary.

Furthermore, the user adaptation process for this tool is also very easy. Nofaini – Oracle Principle Solution Consultant said that 89% of Oracle users stated that Oracle Aconex was very easy to learn. Without hesitation, he also explained that the Oracle Aconex training process can be carried out in only 2 hours durations and after that users can immediately use this software in their daily work.

“We have a survey of Oracle clients’ satisfaction with our products and they answered that Oracle Aconex is either easy or very easy. Nobody said Oracle Aconex was difficult to learn.” Nofaini

With the convinience of implementation process, user adaptation to Oracle Aconex and the various benefits that project teams could get with the presence of this tool, in this seminar IKON also encourage to participants that they should not be hesitated to try using this tool in their projects. (Fina)