Not only door access control, but this Thermal Camera also Face Recognition is able to detect body temperature and recognize someone’s face. So that not everyone can easily get into an office. This includes those who do not use masks.

As we know, one of the common symptoms in someone with Covid-19 is a body temperature that rises above normal. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 328/2020 concerning guidelines for the prevention and control of the 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in office and industrial workplaces in supporting business continuity in a pandemic situation, measuring body temperature at the entrance workplace and the use of masks to and from home and during work, are two of the points in the health protocol.

The office environment, since the end of the last few months, has become one of the “contributors” to the increase in positive cases of Covid19 in Jakarta. For that, extra attention is needed, both from management and every employee. In addition to carrying out health protocols, preventive measures so that the spread of the virus that is increasingly widespread in this office area can be started by measuring temperature with a high degree of accuracy.

Not Only Access Control But Also Identity Identification

PT Ikonsultan Inovatama (IKON) presents Thermal Camera Face Recognition. Access control with artificial intelligence (AI) technology is also designed to identify a person’s temperature and identity. Due to its touchless nature, this tool can measure body temperature accurately without the need for physical contact. When a person’s temperature is above the normal threshold, this tool will automatically give a warning in the form of an alarm and the door will not open. Likewise, people who do not wear masks, and their identities have not been recorded on this machine. They are not allowed to enter because access is denied. Another plus, for those whose data has been stored, even if they use masks, glasses, or hats, this tool can still identify the person. In other words, door access control provides security from strangers, people with temperatures above normal, and people without wearing masks.


There are 2 types of sizes that can be selected, namely 7 inches and 8 inches. As well as 2 types of models, namely wall mount and turnstile mounted. Broadly speaking, the technology applied in these 2 types and models is the same.

Among others, a binocular camera with 2 megapixels, a Linux operating system, infrared temperature measurement, and recognition time of less than 500 ms, and the ability to store 22,400 face databases. Apart from the touchless model, this tool can also use an access card that can be set in such a way that the card can only be used by the person concerned.

 So how does this technology work?

Stand about half a meter apart in seconds, this tool will immediately detect body temperature, as well as the person’s personal data that has been previously inputted. If the body temperature is normal, and the data appears, the door will automatically unlock. And that person can enter the room However, if the device detects someone without wearing a mask, the body temperature is above normal and the data is not recognized, the door lock will not open.

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